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First look at IE 8 Beta 2

I generally do not use IE on my production machine at work, however browsing through the machines of a all windows client I opened IE and was take by default to IE upgrade page to IE 8 beta 2, I started exploring new features in the new version and was impressed how it was integrating social networking sites, and kind of doing similar to what Flock and Firefox do, so excited about that I decided to install that on my production machine installing ontop of IE 7.
The first site I generally use for personal work is and to my amazement the site complained that I am using a browser that is not supported by microsoft office live website, and should upgrade to firefox or IE 7 😦
I think microsoft need to get their act right, about releasing a product that does not even work with their main online offerings 😦 although in Beta 2, one still expects some level of stability and portibility. I am now going to uninstall IE 8 beta 2 and go back to using firefox. What a shame!

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